Let users find & learn anything in your app

Searchegg is a search bar that lets your users easily discover, learn & use features, all while on your app.

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Support docs & onboarding guides don’t work

Users mostly forget what they’ve learned and don’t bother reading through support docs.

+50% of users skip onboarding training

+70% of training is forgotten after 1 day

Most users don’t read through support docs

How SearchEgg Works

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    Add SearchEgg to your app

    Paste a small code snippet in your apps to get started.
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    Create content with Nocode Editor

    Create shortcuts commands, guides, help articles inside your app, without touching code.
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    Your users search for content you create

    They can search for any content you create to ensure they are never stuck.
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    See what users couldn’t find

    Get search analytics to understand what users are looking for, to create better content.
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Why add SearchEgg ?

  • Higher User Adoption

    Users will instantly be able to learn and use the features they want to use.

  • Less support emails

    Users questions will be easily answered with Interactive guides, tutorials, and support information.

  • Higher user satisfaction

    Users quickly find what they need and don't have to search through FAQ's, support pages and online tutorials.

All solutions in one place

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Self Support

Add important data needed for users to support themselves.

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User Training

Provide fully automated user onboarding & searchable product tours.

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User Behavior

Discover what users try to do, and can't do, based on search history.

Try it today !

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