Make anything in your app searchable

Searchegg is a powerful search bar that allows your users to easily find, learn & use features, all while on your app.

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How it works

reduce learning curve

Users can learn and use any feature they want instantly, by searching for it, instead of possibly churning.

automate workflows

Automate simple and complex workflows for users.

All inside your app

Users get all the info they need without having to leave your app.

Why users can't find things in your app

  • +50% of users skip onboarding training

    Users only want the information they need, when they need it.
  • +70% of training is forgotten after 1 day

    The more information users need to remember, the quicker they forget.

Why make everything searchable ?

  • Higher User Adoption

    Users will instantly be able to learn and use the features they want to use.

  • Less support emails

    Users questions will be easily answered with Interactive guides, tutorials, and support information.

  • Higher user satisfaction

    Users quickly find what they need and don't have to search through FAQ's, support pages and online tutorials.

What users can search for

Easily created using our nocode editor

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Analytics to make better search results

Learn what users struggle to do in your app

  • Search data

    • Unresolved searches
    • User search history before quitting
    • Top searches
    • Trending searches
  • Measure helpfulness

    • Number of result clicks
    • Average percentage of steps completed
    • User satisfaction rating
    • Search history before choosing result

All solutions in one place

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Self Support

Add important data needed for users to support themselves.

Engagement icon

User Training

Provide fully automated user onboarding & searchable product tours.

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User Behavior

Discover what users try to do, and can't do, based on search history.

Try it today !

Add the best user experience to your app with SearchEgg

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