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Companies using command palettes

One widget to solve all your problems

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Create Commands Fast

Commands are faster and easier to create than other forms of training content

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  • Easy to maintain

    Manage commands per user, app release, and more whenever you need to without re-releasing your app. 

  • Faster than make

    Create commands in minutes to support a feature you would otherwise take hours to create help articles and tutorials for.

What are users struggling with ?

No more guessing user behavior! Learn what users are doing and trying to do based on their searches.

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  • What features users search for

    See what commands users search for and use the most.

  • What users can't find

    See what users searched for but couldn't find, to make commands, product decisions, and more. 

  • User suggestions & recommendations

    Get command suggestions and feedback from your users when no results show up.


Here are some popular questions

Simple and Fair Pricing

we understand that your business needs are unique, and that's why we offer a custom pricing model tailored to your specific requirements. Our app comes packed with features that set it apart from the competition, and we want to ensure that you're only paying for the features that are essential for your business.
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Custom Pricing

Custom Pricing

Based on features you need
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    +500 commands
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    User feedback
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    Help articles & integrations
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    AI integration
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    Custom branding

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