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SearchEgg is a search bar that lets your users easily discover, learn & use features, all while on your app.

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  • Se discovery

    Feature Discovery

    Users easily find all your amazing features

    ✔️ Users search for what they want to do, then get commands for that feature. 

    ✔️ Users can search for features and get commands that use the feature. 

    ✔️ Users get relevant features recommended to them. 

  • Se onboarding


    Users get the best onboarding experience that they can always search for. 

    ✔️ Personalized command recommendations

    ✔️ Feature guides & walkthroughs.

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    Self Support

    Users get to support themselves without leaving your app. 

    ✔️ Relevant help articles.

    ✔️ How-to guides

    ✔️ Feature walkthroughs

Search for Commands (⌘k)

Commands let your users easily find & use your feature

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  • Discoverable

    Users can easily find your features by searching for commands with their own wording. 

  • Dynamic

    Set context data so commands can be dynamic and flexible for your use cases.

  • Customizable

    Commands can use functions in your app that are easily connected.

Search for Help articles (⌘H)

Create articles or connect your help center so users can find & read your help articles inside your app. 

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Create commands in seconds

Easily create commands, guides, and help articles inside your app using our editor.

💡 Get all your features supported in less than an hour.

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See exactly what your users are doing

No more guessing user behavior! Learn what users are doing and trying to do based on their searches.

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  • What features users search for

    See what commands users search for and use the most.

  • What users can't find

    See what users searched for but couldn't find, to make commands, product decisions, and more. 

  • User suggestions & recommendations

    Get command suggestions and feedback from your users when no results show up.



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